WonderGrove Wizard of Oz

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The first feature-length animated movie produced by students

In the 2018/2019 school year the WonderGroveStory Maker team will collaborate with students and teachers nationwide on the production of the first animated feature length movie produced by students: "The WonderGrove Wizard of Oz".

Our Story Maker® twist on the Wizard of Oz plot is that Dorothy has anxiety about transitioning from elementary school to middle school. Her journey to Oz and her desire to get back home forces her to confront her anxieties and come to realize that with the support of her family and friends and by applying her brains, her heart and courage she will always flourish. The transition to Middle School is one rewarding steppingstone on her journey through life.

A minimum of twenty schools will have the opportunity to collaborate together with the WonderGrove Story Maker production team on the story that will be divided into 27 scenes.

Check out this article describing the enthusiasm of 5th-graders from Baldwin-Whitehall Elementary about their WonderGrove Wizard of Oz project.

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Jeff Dillon of Wilder, Idaho, explains how his school will contribute to the Wizard of Oz animated movie, and what it brings them

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