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Wonder Media has partnered with The Hero in You Foundation to create the Rocket Rules for Safety

Wonder Media partnered with The Hero in You Foundation to create the Rocket Rules for Safety. The mission of The Hero in You Foundation is to save lives by empowering, educating, and inspiring children and families to take charge of their emergency preparedness.

From natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes to emergencies like dangerous intruders and school violence, the foundation’s flagship program, Rocket Rules, educates and engages 3-8 year olds in elementary school classrooms and in homes across the country. The curriculum is aligned with the National Health Education Standards and inclusive for all ability levels. 

Teaming up with leaders in emergency management, childhood development and children’s entertainment, the Rocket Rules for Safety library consists of animated videos, adventure books, and activities featuring Rocket the Safety Spokesdog. Each lesson is designed to help children make smart, split second decisions when confronted with an emergency situation. 

5 Rules for Safety

Dangerous Intruder

Rocket explains what to do in the case of a dangerous intruder

NBC 4 News Piece reports on how Firefighters the Foundation Unite to Keep Kids Safe
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