Boy Scouts of America Adventure

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The Boy Scouts of America created a brand new Adventure for scouts in kindergarten through fifth grade to learn about sexual abuse prevention.

The Boy Scouts of America have worked with Wonder Media’s Protect Yourself Rules to create an Adventure, and parents say it’s making a big difference in their lives. The Adventure allows scouts in kindergarten to fifth grade to interact with the Protect Yourself Rules video that best fit their age group. Learn more about how the Boy Scouts of America have adopted the Protect Yourself Rules in the video below.

The Adventure, which has been used for two years, is also garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback from scouts’ parents. 93% of participants’ parents say that the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure helped them to start a conversation with their child about sexual abuse prevention. Read more from the Boy Scouts of America blog.

The Boy Scouts of America’s Protect Yourself Rules Adventure also gained significant media coverage.

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