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We create animation to help children release their full potential

Wonder Media produces
meaningful and relevant animation for children.

Our animated content is an effective mix of
entertainment and education, which makes learning fun!
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Children love animation. They easily engage with their animated heroes. This makes animation a powerful tool for teaching and learning. Anyone who wants to bring important lessons to kids should consider using animation. It is both effective and fun!

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Our products

What we have produced so far
WonderGrove Learn

in development

200 instructional animations to prepare children for the daily challenges of life inside school

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WonderGrove Kids

in development

Engaging animated stories to entertain children with social emotional learning at home

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WonderGrove Story Maker

in development

A powerful tool for students to write and create their own animated stories

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The 16 Habits of Mind

in development

Instructional animations to empower children to develop and create critical thinking skills

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The Recyclables

in development

A fun new series focusing on educating children about recycling and environmental issues

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The animated Protect Yourself Rules

in development

For the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center, we produced the animated Protect Yourself Rules to Prevent Child Abuse

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“They weren’t going to listen to me, but for some reason they’re going to listen to Maria. She said it was a superfood, she said it was good for them, so they were all going to eat it. No matter what”

– Janelle Vargo, Intervention Specialist, Pre-K-4th Grade

"With Story Maker and the animation students will keep working and working on their writing. First time I have seen kids look at their writing and say: 'Nah, it's not ready yet; it's not good enough'"

– Tammy Jones, Principal Riverview Elementary, Snohomisch School District

"Incredibly powerful for me to realize that the animation wasn't just engaging for students. It has a unique power to condition children with empathy, and to provide them a shared learning experience"

– Dr. Bena Kallick, co-founder and director Institute for Habits of Mind

"I love your videos, my sister loves it too. Thank you! Can you please make some more?"

– Anonymous comment left on the WonderGrove Kids channel

"We learned early on that children identify with and care about Beamer. Successful educational series prove that unlocking a child's mind and emotions is through animated characters."

– Jerry Moe, National Director of the Betty Ford Center Children's Program.

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