We produce animated stories that make difficult subjects easy to discuss

We create animation to reach children and teens in trauma and equip them with strategies to help them navigate to safety.

Wonder Media produces conscious intentional animation for children, tweens, and teens. Our animated stories connect with young people in trauma and equip them with the skills that will protect them and their peers throughout their lives.
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What We Believe In

Animation knows no borders. It is a universal language that is immediately accessible to children, tweens, and teens worldwide. Animated characters help young people identify with the message in the story and apply it to their own lives. This makes animation a powerful teaching and learning tool. We believe that animation is the most effective tool to teach children, tweens, and teens the skills needed to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.

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Our Products

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Are You Okay?

in development

The powerful short film "Are You Okay?" was made in partnership with the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center to address cyberbullying and the power of asking “Are you okay?” The film has been viewed by over 3 million teens worldwide.

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Protect Yourself Rules

in development

The Protect Yourself Rules is a powerful animated series made in partnership with the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center to raise awareness and prevent child and teen sexual abuse for ages 5-18.

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My Life is Worth Living

in development

My Life is Worth Living is the first animated series to address suicide prevention for teens. The series is made in partnership with the Cook Center for Human Connection and will be released throughout 2021 on YouTube for free.

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WonderGrove Social Skills

in development

Instructional content to prepare preschool through 2nd grade students for the daily challenges of life inside and outside the classroom.

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The 16 Habits of Mind

in development

Instructional animations to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills for grades K-3 and 4-6.

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Boy Scouts of America Adventure

in development

The Boy Scouts of America created a brand new Adventure for scouts in kindergarten through fifth grade to learn about sexual abuse prevention.

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"Out of all the bullying PSAs I've seen, I really think this one takes the cake. It actually accurately portrays how teenagers act and doesn't talk down to us or cartoonishly exaggerate what's happening...This is insanely real and I commend the people who made this.”

– Comment on “Are You Okay?” on YouTube

“Sometimes my students don’t listen to me but, they always listen to the animated character named Maria! If she says blueberries are a superfood and good for you, my students trust her and want to eat blueberries. No matter what.”

– Janelle Vargo, Intervention Specialist, Pre-K-4th Grade

"With Story Maker® the students will keep working and working on their writing. It is the first time I have seen students look at their writing and say: 'Nope, it's not ready yet; it's not good enough. I need to write it again.’"

– Tammy Jones, Principal Riverview Elementary, Snohomisch School District

“Because the Protect Yourself Rules videos are so clear, it makes it easier for me to speak clearly when I have teachers that are fearful about discussing personal safety.”

--Caroline Kim, Elementary Educator

"It was incredibly powerful for me to discover how animated stories make the 16 Habits come alive for students and how the animated characters have the power to inspire all children with learning experiences they can relate to."

– Dr. Bena Kallick, co-founder and director Institute for Habits of Mind

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Designed for Children, Tweens, and Teens

All of our animated stories are designed to connect with young people and prepare them for the challenges of life.

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We produce animated stories to make difficult subjects easy to discuss!