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Watch these collections to learn more about Story Maker®

How Story Maker® Works

Educator testimonials

Story Maker® Videos by Students

Story Maker® as a Mental health Resource

Story Maker® Habits of Mind

Public Service Announcements

The Dell Rapids Middle School Story Maker® Experience

Native American Videos

Nine science-based elements of connection

Animation Now, the software behind Story Maker®

This short video explains how Animation Now works, the software at the core of our Story Maker®.

Students learn animated storytelling from former Rugrats CEO

Students get animated for STEM in Wilder, Idaho

Students learn animation

Students at Riverview Elementary in Snohomish, Washington learn to animate

Future Ready Expo

See how students at Valley View are using Story Maker®

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All of our animated stories are designed to connect with young people and prepare them for the challenges of life.

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