About Wonder Media

We are an animation production company that creates and produces powerful transmedia animation to model appropriate behavior for children world-wide.

Our animated content, aimed at educating children in an entertaining way, is positive, value-driven and non-aggressive. 

If you want to use animation as a tool to teach valuable lessons to children, we are the studio for you.
We love animation!

Animation is one of the easiest ways to catch a child's attention and open its mind to important messages. We are a company dedicated to creating and promoting powerful animation to connect with children. 

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What we offer

WonderGrove Educational Products

Our studio has produced the WonderGrove educational animated series and products, for ages ranging from 4 to 13 years. Children easily identify with the stars in these products: the WonderGrove Kids, their friends, and the other inhabitants of the WonderGrove World. Our WonderGrove products are not only aimed at the school environment, but also help parents raise and entertain their children in a positive way.

Value-driven partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with value-driven organizations and developed attractive and powerful animated content to help them communicate with their young audiences. Depending on the objectives and needs of our partners, we offer integral, end-to-end production of high-quality animated content.

Flexible production for all media

We have developed our own animation now® solution, the the most intuitive and practical real-time animation system in the world. It allows for flexible production of high-quality animated 3D content, including time-sensitive and live-streaming animated content, for distribution across all digital media. Animation now® also enables real-time interaction between audiences and animated characters, thus creating a great impact on both children and adults.

“They weren’t going to listen to me, but for some reason they’re going to listen to Maria. She said it was a superfood, she said it was good for them, so they were all going to eat it. No matter what”

– Janelle Vargo, Intervention Specialist, Pre-K-4th Grade

"With Story Maker and the animation students will keep working and working on their writing. First time I have seen kids look at their writing and say: 'Nah, it's not ready yet; it's not good enough'"

– Tammy Jones, Principal Riverview Elementary, Snohomisch School District

"Incredibly powerful for me to realize that the animation wasn't just engaging for students. It has a unique power to condition children with empathy, and to provide them a shared learning experience"

– Dr. Bena Kallick, co-founder and director Institute for Habits of Mind

"I love your videos, my sister loves it too. Thank you! Can you please make some more?"

– Anonymous comment left on the WonderGrove Kids channel

"We learned early on that children identify with and care about Beamer. Successful educational series prove that unlocking a child's mind and emotions is through animated characters."

– Jerry Moe, National Director of the Betty Ford Center Children's Program.

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All our animation products are designed for 'edutaining' children

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