About Wonder Media

We are an animation production company that creates and produces powerful animations that reaches children, tweens, and teens in crisis and equip them with the skills to navigate out of trauma.

Our animated content, aimed at educating young people in a relatable way, is age-appropriate, positive, value-driven, and non-aggressive.

If you want to use animation as a tool to teach valuable lessons to children, tweens, and teens, spread your message, or reach more kids than you do now, we are the studio for you.
Animation is Powerful

Animation is one of the easiest ways to catch a young person’s attention and open their mind to important messages that will help guide them throughout their lives. We are a company dedicated to creating and promoting powerful animation to connect with children, tweens, and teens.

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What we offer

WonderGrove Educational Products

Our studio has created WonderGrove Social Skills, Preschool Social Skills, and WonderGrove S.O.A.R. for Students with Exceptionalities. Children easily identify with the WonderGrove characters making the lessons in each story easy to learn. Our WonderGrove products are not only aimed at the school environment by including CCSS-aligned extension lessons, but also at the home environment to help parents raise and entertain their children in a positive way.

Value-driven Partnerships

We have a history of creating strong partnerships with value-drive organizations and nonprofits to develop attractive and powerful animated content to help them communicate with their young audiences. Our animated stories have reached millions of students across the world and expanded our partners’ reach, opportunities, and viewership. Depending on the objectives and needs of our partners, we offer integral, end-to-end production of high-quality animated content. 

Flexible production for all media

We are able to produce a variety of animated digital media to meet our partners’ needs including 2D, 3D, live-streaming animated content, animated characters interacting with real people, and more. No matter what your needs are, we can meet them.

"Out of all the bullying PSAs I've seen, I really think this one takes the cake. It actually accurately portrays how teenagers act and doesn't talk down to us or cartoonishly exaggerate what's happening...This is insanely real and I commend the people who made this.”

– Comment on “Are You Okay?” on YouTube

“Sometimes my students don’t listen to me but, they always listen to the animated character named Maria! If she says blueberries are a superfood and good for you, my students trust her and want to eat blueberries. No matter what.”

– Janelle Vargo, Intervention Specialist, Pre-K-4th Grade

"With Story Maker® the students will keep working and working on their writing. It is the first time I have seen students look at their writing and say: 'Nope, it's not ready yet; it's not good enough. I need to write it again.’"

– Tammy Jones, Principal Riverview Elementary, Snohomisch School District

“Because the Protect Yourself Rules videos are so clear, it makes it easier for me to speak clearly when I have teachers that are fearful about discussing personal safety.”

--Caroline Kim, Elementary Educator

"It was incredibly powerful for me to discover how animated stories make the 16 Habits come alive for students and how the animated characters have the power to inspire all children with learning experiences they can relate to."

– Dr. Bena Kallick, co-founder and director Institute for Habits of Mind

Terry Thoren

President & CEO USA

Herman Spliethoff


Amanda Carson

Creative Director

Rita Peeters

Business Development Manager

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Designed for Children, Tweens, and Teens

All of our animation stories are designed to connect with young people and prepare them for the challenges of life.

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