Wonder Media Story Maker®

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A powerful, easy-to-use tool for students to write and create their own animated stories

Imagine if students could develop their literacy, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills in a medium they’re already crazy about--cartoons! Wonder Media Story Maker® does just that. 

Story Maker® is a teaching tool that allows students in grades 3-12 to create their own animated stories. Teaching students to tell stories using animation is a powerful way to engage them inside the classroom in the same way they are entertained outside the classroom.

By producing their own animated stories, students take ownership of collaborative projects that strengthen writing and provide relevant experience in dozens of America’s booming technical fields. Young storytellers work together to develop, write, pre-visualize, voice record, and assemble original content, using a library of professional-quality animation assets.

Animation Now, the software behind Story Maker®

This short video explains how Animation Now works, the software at the core of our Story Maker.

Students learn animated storytelling from former Rugrats CEO

Students get animated for STEM in Wilder, Idaho

Students learn animation

Students at Riverview Elementary in Snohomish, Washington learn to animate

Future Ready Expo

See how students at Valley View are using Story Maker®

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