The Recyclables

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A brand new, highly entertaining series that educates children on the importance of recycling and environmental issues

The Recyclables is a new series for children ages 3 - 8 that focuses on educating viewers about our world through the eyes of recycling.  Follow Nova, an eccentric 9-year-old girl who has an amazing ability to see that the plastic bottles or aluminum cans we use every day, are actually alive and looking for a new purpose.

Every episode Nova and her friends, The Recyclables, help items become new again through reuse and recycling. She also helps members of her community to care for their used materials, so they don’t waste away in a nearby landfill.

As they explore the nearby park, city and beach, The Recyclables have a blast with song-filled adventures making new friends like the tired old tire, the bottled-up Coke bottle, or the know-it-all smart phone.  Each new friend is thankful for a new chance at life.

After all, a friend is a terrible thing to waste!

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