The Wyland Foundation Water Conservation Series

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The Wyland Foundation has asked us to produce animated lessons on the importance of saving water

Wonder Media partnered with the Wyland Foundation to create a series of animated videos for the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. The annual program coincides with Earth Month every April and invites teachers and students to learn more about protecting this valuable limited resource.

Wonder Media produced a short story for WonderGrove explaining six easy ways to save water in and around the home. This engaging video inspired the Wyland Foundation to collaborate with Wonder Media on a series of short videos to make it easy for students to conserve.  To date students have pledged to save 1.7 billion gallons of water.
The Wyland Foundation welcomed the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as the official education outreach partner of the Wyland World Water Pledge in 2017. Together, the Wyland Foundation and UNEP are working to protect the coastal and marine environment from harmful land-based activities.

“Wyland, your dedication to the environment and your advocacy for marine resource preservation are an inspiration to people everywhere, and especially to the young environmentalists of tomorrow.”

-Amy Fraenkel, Director, United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for North America

Wyland Foundation - Water Pledge

Maria on the importance of Water Conservation and participating in the Water pledge

Wyland Foundation - Water Facts

Maria shares some easy to understand facts about water

Wyland Foundation - Water Conservation

The WonderGrove Kids Explain 6 ways to Conserve Water

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