The Girl Scouts Water Conservation Series

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The Girl Scouts of the USA have commissioned Wonder Media to develop a series of instructional animations to help Girl Scouts conserve water

The Girl Scouts commissioned Wonder Media to develop a series of instructional animations on the topic of water conservation, aligned with the lessons and characters in the Girl Scout’s handbook “Wow! Wonders of Water”.

“Wow!” calls on Brownies across the country and around the world to use their leadership skills and values to protect the waters of Planet Earth. The journey invites girls to engage their minds and hearts as they explore the Wonders of Water.

The videos produced include: facts about water, a call to action, a motivational video, tips on water conversation, and a video on the water badges Brownie troops can earn.

Wonder Media also partnered with The Girls Scouts of America to bring an interactive booth to the The Girl Scouts National Convention. At this event, girl scouts were able to interact in real time with the WonderGrove animated character Maria.

What if there was no Water?

Maria imagines a world without water

Girl Scouts - Facts About Water

Maria reviews some facts about water

Girl Scouts - Tips to Conserve

Maria reviews some tips to conserve water

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