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Instructional content to prepare preschool through 2nd grade students for the daily challenges of life inside and outside the classroom.

Wonder Media’s flagship teaching tool is WonderGrove Social Skills, an online initiative designed to provide educators with a well-rounded selection of instructional animations to help students prepare for the challenges of daily life in school.

The animated characters featured in WonderGrove Social Skills inspire young students to form an emotional attachment with them as friends who they come to know and love. The motivating animated stories are designed so children will stumble into learning while they enjoy each teaching exercise.

WonderGrove Social Skills uses the engaging characters to teach areas of learning that are crucial to the growth essential for every child’s success in school: social emotional learning (SEL), life skills, school readiness, health, safety, nutrition and fitness.

WonderGrove Social Skills offers 275+ instructional animations that model appropriate behavior for students in Pre-K - 2nd grade and are reinforced with 2000 printable extension lessons that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The WonderGrove Social Skills website can be accessed on any device with Internet connectivity.

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Why use the WonderGrove animations as a Teaching Tool?

Because children copy good behavior from animated characters.

Sample animated lesson: "Always Tell the Truth"

The impact of the "Always Tell the Truth" lesson

National Teacher of the Year Beth Heidemann describes her success with the Always Tell the Truth animated lesson

The Blueberries Test

“Now I like blueberries!” Proof of why children mimic animated characters

Sensory Memory

A child with limited memory can remember lessons taught by animated characters

Click here to buy now for $125!

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