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Engaging animations teaching adaptive skills for students with exceptionalities of developmental ages 2-10.

WonderGrove S.O.A.R. for Students with Exceptionalities (Social Skills, Organization, Adapted Behaviors, and Resources) includes over 250 animated social stories for students of developmental ages 2-10 that model social skills, social-emotional behavior, daily living skills, vocabulary, and more. Each skill is modeled to students through relatable animated stories and built upon through a variety of printable extension activities.

WonderGrove S.O.A.R.'s extension lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade giving students access to grade level standards while allowing for quick differentiation. The extension lessons deepen learning by connecting each video to classroom content learning like math, language arts, active learning, fluency passages, and more. 

The animated characters featured in WonderGrove S.O.A.R. inspire young students to form an emotional attachment with them as friends who they come to know and love. The motivating animated stories are designed so children will stumble into learning while they enjoy each teaching exercise.

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We produce animated stories to make difficult subjects easy to discuss!