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United Nations to Promote "The Protect Yourself Rules" Worldwide


We are very excited that the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime decided to place all of the “Protect Yourself Rules” videos in their newly announced video library as part of their “Education for Justice” initiative, and that the United Nations will be promoting the “Protect Yourself Rules” throughout the world.

Three years ago Wonder Media began production on TheProtect Yourself Rules, a series of animated lessons to teach children in grades 2-6 to understand what sexual abuse looks like, and how to protect themselves.

The lessons were commissioned by the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation in California. Wonder Media used the proprietary Story Maker® production process to bring each lesson to life in animation.

The lessons are available for FREE worldwide with a full complement of printable extension lessons right here.

Students can also access them on YouTube without any adds. We hope this can help children to be more aware and learn what they can do when they are in a situation that is harmful to them. Since they were posted, they have been watched over 11 million times.

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