Are The Habits Of Mind Effective For Successful Language Learning?

The short answer is: absolutely, yes! With a growing number of schools integrating dual-language learning, there’s never been a better opportunity to apply the Habits of Mind.

Much like the principles learned in the Habits of Mind, language acquisition takes practice and persistence. Tools that are used correctly always yield the desired results and the same can be said for the Habits of mind in language learning. Language learning can sometimes be formulaic in nature and therefore requires learners to employ critical thinking and problem solving skills. The Habits of Mind can provide assistance in guiding students to learn how to solve their problems and apply this skill for successful language learning.

Dr. Keith Mason addresses the many ways in which the Habits of Mind can be employed for successful language learning.

Enjoy a free Habits of Mind Kids printable poster to use in your classroom! Having a visual aid available for students to readily refer to can increase their success in utilizing the content when practicing their language skills.

Anu Watts, M.A. Teaching

Wonder Media Project Coordinator

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