Why children learn from animated characters

Research shows that children learn from animated characters

As students watch WonderGrove animated lessons, they develop a connection with the main characters and learn to trust them. As the characters become meaningful to the students, they are more likely to learn and grasp the lessons being presented. This is supported by research done by Alexis Lauricella, Alice Gola, and Sandra Calvert from the Children's Digital Media Center, Department of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington DC. To quote from their research:

"Children form emotional relationships with television characters, reporting that they 'reallt like' certain popular television characters such as Dora from Dora the Explorer. Additionally, using pictures of popular familiar characters, such as Elmo from Sesame Street, increased pre-school-aged children's preference for foods that were being marketed. As onscreen characters become socially meaningful to young children, they may become more likely to trust the characters, and therefore, learn the information that is being presented onscreen"

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