Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? is a short film produced by the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation in collaboration with Wonder Media that explores the struggles that young people face when navigating consent in their everyday lives.

After three friends–Ivy, Taryn, and Kai– clash at a party, they find that the conflict between them interrupts their time at school. In the counselor’s office and on the way to repairing the rift between them, a series of flashbacks show us how hard it is to see the bigger picture when emotions are high–especially when navigating consent. With the help of their counselor, they discover that despite their different points of view, their experiences have more in common than they think. This discovery helps them remember the importance of asking for what they want, listening to the response, and respecting the answer in order to keep each other safe.

This new film follows Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation’s recent 2022 short film release, Is Anybody Out There? and their 2021 release, Are You Okay? .

Is Anybody Out There? Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, © 2022

Are You Okay? Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, © 2021

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