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Engaging animations teaching adaptive skills for students with exceptionalities of developmental ages 2-10.

Wonder Media’s YouTube channel WonderGroveKids celebrates the success of children in and around the home. The channel features the popular animated characters from the successful WonderGrove education initiative. The story lines are intended for children ages 3-7.

With over 43,000 subscribers and 16 million views, WonderGroveKids is unique because it focuses on the total development of the child. The goal is to reach children at an early age by connecting with young parents, who are looking for educational stories that are calm, patient.

The philosophy behind WonderGroveKids is simple: give children stories to succeed and allow them the freedom to reach their full potential through exposure to critical areas of learning early in their development. Through stories, characters, and songs children are engaged to think and understand the reasons behind certain lessons to help them retain learning throughout their life.  

Why Use WonderGrove Kids?

Children form emotional relationships with animated characters

Put Your Toys Away

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Always Wear a Helmet

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